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Quantum Physics Loaded Products

Our designs are loaded with specific Quantum Physics Code, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, Scriptures and Color for Health, Weight loss, Wealth, Success and Performance. It will change your frequency and shift you into what you want to become. Yes it's that cool...

Anxiety - PTSD - Trauma

Loaded with Specific Quantum physics codes for those with trauma, stress, anxiety, PTSD

Health - Performance - Weight Loss

Loaded with Specific Quantum Physics codes to reach your full potential for Fitness, Health, and weight Goals

Power - Wealth - Success

Loaded with Specific Quantum Physics Code to Create more Wealth and Success


Within an hour I was feeling lighter, happier, I had a smile on my face for no reason. Something is working with these products. I want more.

Steve Armstrong, KS

I used to write my affirmations all over my water jug. They would rub off all the time. These products are so much better. It looks super cool, its way more specific. They feel powerful. I know that seems kinda weird to say, but that’s how they feel.


Katie Thomalson, CO

It works! I don’t know how, I don’t think  I really need to know how, but it does. These products have changed my life. I am buying them for my whole family now



Amy Anderson, CA

Super cool, nothing like it out there. I was just looking for affirmations for my water bottle and these products are a whole new level.

Jamie Gallegos

These work! Love it. I feel good when I wear them.

Katie Hills

I am so glad I found these. It helps my anxiety so much. I am so grateful.

Sam Summers

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